Established initially as a TECH Review Channel but we've evolved and grown to become the full service Influencer Marketing creative house that we are today.

Adding value and humor to each and every YouTube Video and client we work with.

I created the YouTuber I wanted to watch. I wanted to see someone who looked like me, thought like me and acted like me in the Tech review space on YouTube.


Creating Video is a passion of mines that I enjoy. Not only is the creation process a love of mine. I enjoy being on camera too.


Editing is a peaceful space for me. I really enjoy the editing process and it's where we put visions together.

Reviewing technology & creativity for millions of viewers.

I take my Reviews seriously well kinda… I’m just playing. I believe humor and light-heartedness has a place in this space. My focus is to convey what the User Experience is while enjoying TECH.

  • Latest Smartphones and Accessories
  • Smartwatch Guru
  • Camera Lover
  • Computer Geek

Who is CJ of CJKnowsTECH?

A Tech Nerd with Swagg. From taking apart computers as a youth to self teaching himself Audio Engineering . CJ’s passion for Tech and Humor is evident in every video.

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